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"SamGirls unite! We will take over the world, if our big brothers will just let us drive..."
- kroki_refur

I (theratwhispers) created this community on June 15th 2006, so I'm going to be filling out the info page as I have time. Feel free to give me any comments you might have in that first post. ^_^ *Dusts things off. Gets out rock salt and geeky books. Collects picspams.*

Yes, that crazy rat has made her first community. This gig has been created for fans of Sam Winchester from the TV Show Supernatural. You know him, Dean's little brother, the one with the psychic powers that give him nasty headaches. Sounds like he needs some psychic strength Advil! All his geek-ness lies within!

This community has been created to unleash your inner Sammy.

If you love Psychic Sammy, this is the place to be.

This community bio page has a hug counter, yup it does. You can now send Sammy virtual hugs. It's the most pointless thing ever, and you just know you're going to click it and watch the numbers and cute symbols appear randomly. Just admit it.

Give Sam Winchester more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

And if you've ever experienced the following, you definitely belong here...

Insane Sammy Love Syndrome (also known as ISLS):

ISLS is a condition that usually causes a person to think about Sam Winchester on a daily basis and several times a day. Symptoms can also include linking everyday facts and occurences to Sam Winchester or even adopting certain behaviours (such as making Sam's renowned 'bitchface' any time someone says something the person does not like or finds ludicrous) or saying certain things that would be typically Sam-like. These recurring thoughts and behaviours are also accompanied by a deep feeling of great affection for Sam, which only grows with time and sometimes becomes all-consuming. Curiously enough, people who are affected by this condition do not seem to mind that there is no treatment or cure for it.

NO WINCEST: I'm going to keep this a Wincest free community, there are plenty of other places for that. I repeat: NO WINCEST! All Wincest posts will be deleted on the SPOT. Of all things in this community; please respect this wish, thank you.

Communities: Feel free to promote other Supernatural and Sam Winchester communities here! :)

Spreading Da Werd: Go in here and copy either of these banners! Cause Psychic Sammy is Love!


Also, if you have a community and if you would like to be an affiliate of sammyed_away. Please post your comments
HERE! All types of communities are considered, as long as the creator of said community loves Sam Winchester, your community can hop in. :)

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